Eve Ellis is a bondage model. This may inspire odd thoughts from some people, but really, she's just an actress. True, she does act in pornographic films, but people who are fans of bondage movies tend to think a little differently about the people involved in the making of them. For instance, Cory Thompson, proprietor of shortfuse.com and shortfusevideo.com is practically a legend in some of the communities I frequent. Well... I suppose the concept of 'community' is a bit broad, but the idea is difficult to get across to someone uninvolved in it. Anyways, back to the topic.

Eve Ellis is a bondage model. She has done videos for quite a number of companies, notably Harmony Concepts, CloseUp Concepts and FM Concepts (I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or not ;). She also produces content for her own site, EveEllis.com.

There are numerous fan sites dedicated to bondage models, and two notable ones for Eve are http://eveellis.cjb.net (AC) and http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/eveellisbondagequeen (free).

It's fairly easy to spot her in photographs. Shes a tall redhead, with long tresses, blue eyeshadow almost perpetually (sigh) and a tattoo situated on the middle of her lower back. She also did videos for a while under the pseudonym Tara, mostly at Harmony. In those photos she had dyed her hair black.

Oh, and you can also find a few galleries of her at www.bedroombondage.com.

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