Estopa is a Spanish band created in 1999 by two brothers, David and Jose Muñoz, born in the Spanish province Extremadura. Their music is popular in Spain and Latin America; it is rumba inspired, though labeled as pop-rock.

They seem to write mainly very descriptive love songs, heavy on the metaphors, though not exclusively... I've heard some covering the eternally fascinating subjects of death, alcohol, and the legalization of marijuana.

I enjoy their music; the imagery is often quiet pretty and the tunes catchy, usually neither very fast or slow. Though the songs do not have especially original subject matter, the sound is unique and they seem to have a different way to say it, enough to keep the song interesting... though I mentioned this to a Spanish friend and she replied that they were just another sappy pop-rock band and it didn't sound so strikingly original to her. Perhaps because I'm not a native Spanish speaker hearing the same old things but in a new language makes them seem new.

Four albums have been released, starting with their debut album "Estopa" in 1999. Then came "Destrangis" in 2003, "La Calle es Tuya?" in 2004 and "Voces de Ultrarumba" in 2005. All albums are exclusively in Spanish.

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