Gaggia Espressigo

The Espressigo is the first in a series of other uses of Silicon Graphics computer cases. Others are rOctane and the Indy Case, all made by Silicon Graphics Germany. It uses the plastic skins of the IRIS Indigo, a workstation produced by Silicon Graphics in the early nineties, and a normal italian espresso machine. It was often given as a goodie to big accounts, given the price not I doubt a lot where sold. Few are still in use, mostly at universities in Germany.

The following text is a rough translation of the original leaflet (courtesy of GanjaTron):

IRIS Indigo Family
50 Hz Gaggia Espressigo


  • 50Hz Gaggia CPU (Coffee Processing Unit)
  • 30 ml primary coffee cache
  • approximatly 1.5l secondary water cache
  • regulation with thermostat
  • brewing with water steam
  • up to two cups per cycle
  • fully compatible to all usual breeds of espresso


  • balanced overall performance
  • 3 cpm (cups per minute)
  • 220V power supply
  • throughput: 1 l/min
  • coffee grounds: on the compost
  • normed cup tray: DIN 4711

Espressigo is the newest product in an IRIS Indigo case. Besides the three senses see, hear, feel this appliance opens the remaining two senses: taste and smell.
Espressigo is the Espresso-Machine in the classical and nice case of the Indigo. The inner life of the Espressigo is manufactured by the most famous italien producer of coffee machines. This combination guarantees optimal design and highest pleasure. The unit has an integrated water tank, which is sufficient for several cups of the best espresso or capuccino. With the integrated steam jet you can also heat other drinks such as water, tee, chocolate. The Espressigo offers therefore the best requirements for relaxed computer work.
The Espressigo can be used in normal kitchen environment, she does not need any special cabling nor aircondition rooms - in opposite: the delightful aroma set free in operation is reviving tired programmers and users.

Price: DM 1.790,- excl. tax
Information and ordering via Silicon Graphics Express
Tel. 0130/811011.

Changes from the picture and modificatons for the technical progress are possible.

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