Ermoúpolis (or "Hermoupolis") is a town in Greece which was founded in the 1820s. Nowadays the place is known as Ermoúpoli. The name means "Town of Hermes". Ermoúpolis was an extension of a pre-existing township and was formed for the purpose of making ships.

Ermoúpolis is located on Syros, which is part of the island group Cyclades.

The town is also the capital of the South Aegean region. (Greece is composed of thirteen different regions, much like other countries are divided into states or sections.)

Over 13 thousand people live in Ermoúpolis.

Notable figures from Ermoúpolis include the writer Demetrius Vikelas, folk musician Markos Vamvakaris, the poet Georgios Souris, the writer Emmaneul Rhoides, the actor Stelios Mainas, the poet and translator Olga Broumas, and the journalist Emmanuel Benakis.

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