Contemporary science fiction / fantasy writer.
From the book cover to Signal to Noise: "received a BSc in Chemistry from US Santa Barbara and a Masters in theoretical physics from US San Diego."

Has written (to the best of my knowedge) Dry Water, A Game of Universe, Pawn's Dream, Signal to Noise and A Signal Shattered

A bit more information: Eric Nylund seems to enjoy exploring and revisiting certain themes within science fiction and fantasy settings: the relationship between science and magic, the nature of power and ambition and the impact of science on the fantastic, and the fantastic on science. His main characters are usually fantastically intelligent -- yet still believably so, given their backgrounds -- and fantastically paranoid. Their paranoia is not quite as believable as their intelligence, which is odd, but paranoia is a vital survival instinct in Nylund's books.

Nylund is unusual in that his books seem to include that power and ambition are natural, reasonably healthy, and even kinda nifty. His most obvious influence is Roger Zelazny, whose Chronicles of Amber bear many similarities to Nylund's early work both in style and theme. I recommend Nylund highly; he is one of the best new authors I've seen.

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