American terrorist, born in 1966 in Merritt Island, Florida. He is charged with being responsible for the Olympic Park bombing in 1996. He's also charged with the bombings at Atlanta's Sandy Springs Professional Building and a lesbian bar called the Otherside Lounge and with a bombing at an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. The bombings killed, collectively, a police officer and a tourist; more than 150 people were injured by his bombs. In three of his attacks, Rudolph left a second bomb at the site with a delayed timer -- apparently, he was hoping to kill police and emergency medical personnel who arrived to help.

By the time Rudolph fell under suspicion for the bombings, he had already made his getaway into the forests and wild areas of the southeastern United States. The FBI tried to locate him for five years, but the woods were dense, and Rudolph was an experienced outdoorsman, having spent his youth in the forests of Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina. It also appears likely that Rudolph was aided by local residents, who were sympathetic to his ties to the Christian Identity movement.

Rudolph was finally captured on May 31, 2003. He was seen lurking behind a grocery store by a police officer in Murphy, North Carolina. After a short chase, he was arrested, though his identity was not discovered until after his fingerprints were taken. He accepted a plea agreement in April of 2005 during the jury selection of his trial, providing authorities with the locations of over 250 pounds of explosives he'd hidden in North Carolina, in exchange for not getting sentenced to death. After admitting his guilt in all the bombings (basically, he took the opportunity to gloat about his crimes and rant about the evils of abortion, homosexuals, government employees, police, the New World Order, and non-psychotic Christians), Rudolph was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences without parole, plus 120 years, plus $2.3 million in damages. He ain't getting out any time soon, and that's a damn good thing.

Research from the FBI and the Washington Post websites.

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