nom de plume: Emmanuel Goldstein
Publisher of 2600 Magazine, Corley is the remaining defendant in Universal v. Reimerdes, the DeCSS case (the other two named defendants, Shawn Reimerdes and Roman Kazan, settled before trial by agreeing to remove DeCSS from their websites).

For his defense of free inquiry into technological standards and his stand against copyright owners' attempts to lock up digital media, he was rewarded with an injunction from Judge Kaplan in the Southern District of New York, barring 2600 from publishing DeCSS or hyperlinking to its source code:

Defendants, on the other hand, are adherents of a movement that believes that information should be available without charge to anyone clever enough to break into the computer systems or data storage media in which it is located. Less radically, they have raised a legitimate concern about the possible impact on traditional fair use of access control measures in the digital era.
The Universal v. Reimerdes appeal was denied by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in November 2001.

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