Equuleus, or Little Horse, is one of the smallest constellations. While it is an old constellation, not much mythology surrounds it. It's mentioned in Ptolemy's Almagest, but may have been first created by Hipparchus.

It's uncertain where the name "little horse" comes from now, but it's thought to represent Celeris, the half brother of Pegasus. The original name of the constellation may have been Equus Primus, meaning "the First Horse", since it rises just before Pegasus in the sky.

The brighest star of the constellation, Kitalpha or Al Kit ah la Faras, means "Part of the Horse" and does not exceed 4th magnitude. The only other objects within this constellation worth noting would be the double star epsilon Equulei, formed by a yellow fifth magnitude and white-blue seventh magnitude star.

The constellation can be seen between Pegasus and Delphinus and is in the shape of a distorted rectangle.

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