The hike to the Enchantment Lakes, specifically the Lower Enchantment Lakes, is thus:

West of Leavenworth, the land is burnt from a huge fire a few years ago. In my opinion this has improved it immensely. You can now see the shape of the land through the trees, the bulges of glacier shaped rock, the folds of streams and spires of peaks.

The trail starts here, near Icicle Creek, and winds steadily upwards, following Snow Creek for almost 5000 feet. Switch back upon switchback. Finally, after about 5.5 miles of up, you reach Nada Lake, mysteriously named. Here you are posed with the challenge of continue or no, but you have come this far, so on you go. another 500 feet, 1.5 miles brings you to Snow Lakes, simple, pretty mountain lakes. The upper of the two is drained a foot at a time, from time to time, to feed the Leavenworth fish hatchery. It is 3 miles more to the lower enchantments, where the going gets rough.

Tthis part of the trail is barely a trail, consisting of cairnes dotting the glacial scrubbed granite. Less and less dirt until you are suddenly thrust into the basin of the lower enchantments, below Prussic Peak. The first one is called Lake Viviane. Deep blue bowels, pure white granite, truely marvelous, and cold as ice. Fish are here, and the odd goat will come flap it's ears at you. From here, it is less than 1 mile to about 6 more lakes. The land gets newer and more raw with every step, which is up steep rock ledges and occasional heather patches. Tarns and rock pools that look to be weeks old are scattered around, some still frozen in the height of mid summer.

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