A game of travel and adventure in a fantasy land!

Elfendland is a game by Alan R. Moon, and published by Rio Grande Games. Yes, it's one of those German board games. The game can be played by two to six players, and lasts about an hour.

The goal of the game is to travel as much of the map as quickly as possible. You do this by riding dragons, unicorns, clouds, carts, and other such bizarre forms of transportation. Each vehicle type can traverse a different set of terrain types, with some overlap. Each turn has two parts, at first everybody takes turn placing what vehicle will provide the transportation for each path. Then, everybody tries to cover as much ground as possible by playing a corresponding vehicle card to travel along the desired road. While this seems simple, everybody else is trying to lay down a path that they can follow as well, and paths will conflict. So you have to retain some flexibility in your plan, while still covering more ground than your opponents. Also, you can predict your opponents' plans and mess with them by identifying paths your opponents are going to need and strategically placing vehicles on them that you suspect your opponent won't be able to use. And finally, everybody has a roadblock they can use once over the course of the game to attempt to screw over an opponent.

This is a beautiful and simple game that is simple to learn. You can think as deeply as you want with the game, trying to plan out the entire game from start to finish before taking your first move, or play it at a leisurely pace and get enjoyment either way. The high quality and great design of this game easily rank it among the likes of The Settlers of Catan and Tikal.

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