while psychology is the study of human behavior, persons often go to psychologists to gain support in overcoming the habits of the mind.

After studying psychology at a highly acclaimed school (UC Berkeley) I discovered that there is very little practical understanding of the mind and how to discipline it outside of biochemical intervention (drugs). Ancient sages made an experiential science out of studying the nature of mind and thought itself.

meditation can be a process of entraining or focusing the mind on sound, imagery, or ideas. Once the mind has settled and the mud of the thoughts (you know that inner dialogue which you can sometimes direct, but never stop) has settled the primal sound can be heard aka (GOD). Psychological thought today doesn't seem to have mastery over the subtlety of mind and how to direct it, let alone describe what it is. What then can it really do? The book "The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets" proclaims a practical basis for psychology that rings so true to my core that I am humbled by its direct statement of the underlying nature of mind.

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