Singer, actor. Wife of Ernie Kovacs; they met, worked together, romanced, and married in the early years of US television, and, since his 1962 death, she has been the Kovacs archivist. Film roles include It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, The Apartment, Love with the Proper Stranger, and Tales of the City. Adams was also a regular panelist on Kovacs' comedy quiz show Take a Good Look, which was probably the longest-running of his shows (two years); she had her own short-lived series, Here's Edie, in the early 60s.

She was also, in the early 70s, the spokes-singer for Muriel Cigars (IIRC, both she and Ernie smoked cigars), putting "Hey, Big Spender!" into the memory banks of little kids whose parents would have been familiar with the old, unhip tune.

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