Another meaning of edging is the sexual practice of bringing oneself or one's partner right up to the edge of having an orgasm, and then reducing stimulation so as to remain just at that point. As with every other imaginable sex act, it has its very own surprisingly popular place amongst the genres of pornography. Since pornographic actors are, well, acting, you just have to trust them when they claim (in words or body language) to be right at that state. For some, an extended period of edging before the orgasm can make it exceptionally explosive, but for others it diminishes the experience.

Edg"ing (?), n.


That which forms an edge or border, as the fringe, trimming, etc., of a garment, or a border in a garden.



The operation of shaping or dressing the edge of anything, as of a piece of metal.

Edging machine, a machine tool with a revolving cutter, for dressing edges, as of boards, or metal plates, to a pattern or templet.


© Webster 1913.

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