Australians have a strange sense of humour. In Sydney, one of the larger suburban railway stations is named Eastwood. Every single printed instance of this word around the station (and far, far beyond) has had the letter "s" scraped off it, leaving the name "Ea twood". And I literally mean every instance. There are dozens of them, mostly on station seats and signs. Most large public maps of the area have also been defaced in this manner. If you're on a train passing through this station (most northbound trains do so), your bound to see this phenomenon.

Once a year or so, when the annual budget is allocated, some of the signs are restored to say "Eastwood". This usually lasts for about 6 hours, whereupon the station regains it's new name of "Eatwood".

It's so well known, that I've met several people refer to the whole suburb as "Eatwood".

I won't go into the fact in Brisbane, there's a suburban station named Virginia. Thankfully, they use vinyl printing which cannot be scraped off easily.

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