The pseudonym Samantha Mathis' character, Nora, in Pump Up the Volume uses for her letters to "Happy Harry Hard-On" the pirate radio DJ. "Always the same red paper, the same beautiful black writing. She's probably a lot like me--a legend in her own mind, heh-heh," Mark/Harry (Christian Slater) notes. But her words (and her voice reading them) certainly had an effect on a lot of movie watchers.
"You're the voice, crying out in the wilderness. You're the voice that makes my brain burn and my guts go gooey. Yeah, you got me. My insides spill on your altar and tell the future. My steaming, gleaming guts spell out your nature. I know you, not your name but your game. I know the true you. Come to me, or I'll come to you."
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