RIP, whatever the old write-up here was.

Earlham College is a liberal arts college with a student body of approximately 1200 students. Most of the student body live on-campus in dorms. The students are very intelligent and enjoyable. The school has large and often outspoken Palestinian, Black, Japanese, Jewish, Christian, and GLBTQ communities. The college is a Quaker school and as such practices consensus in governing matters (loosely I would say).

Academically the school is quite demanding. It has a strong focus in social and pure sciences. Peaces and Gobal Studies, Sociology/Anthropology, and Biology, are especially strong departments. As liberal arts school though, all subjects are emphasized in the core classes the college expects for graduation.

Social life is over-all very chillin', which is quite nice I think, although it certainly has its dull moments. One notable event though is The Hash, a weekly drinking party in the woods (RIP Billy Palinski).

In sports, the school is pathetic. Every team has a losing season almost every year, but that doesn't matter to most students. EC Soccer Games are a riot of the their own regardless of whether it's a win or loss, and students always come out to support friends.

To sum up the experience I would say the school is a tight knit community of intelligent well educated students who are seeking to be activists and good citizens in the world.

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