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Pop music is wasted on the young

A British rock group that sounded like manic cross between the Glitter Band and Kraftwerk with very loud drums and looping guitar riffs and plenty of shouting and strange sound effects. Extremely difficult to categorise which is probably why commercial success eluded them


Jamie Fry, Nick Sanderson, Gordon King and Rob Marche formed Earl Brutus in 1993, the name apparently drived from some fictional pub. They released a couple of singles on such small labels as Icerink and Royal Mint before signing to Deceptive Records in 1995.

They released an album Your Majesty...We Are Here which received a great deal of critical positive response and was voted best debut album of 1996 by Q magazine. As a result they switched to the Fruition label on Island Records in 1997 and released a further album Tonight You Are The Special One. But sales proved disappointing and they were dropped by Island in 1999 and decided to call it a day.


(Although, from what I understand of Earl Brutus' live concerts, Shin-Yu's real contribution was shouting at the audience in Japanese).

Jamie Fry, Nick Sanderson, Gordon King were from the World of Twist; Rob Marche had been with the quasi-punk Subway Sect (who were very good), which later morphed into JoBoxers (who were awful). Jamie Fry being apparently the brother of the Martin Fry who was in ABC.




On Icerink

  • Life's Too Long (June 1993)

On Royalmint

  • On Me Not In Me (July 1995)

On Deceptive

  • Single Seater Xmas (December 1995)
  • Navyhead (March 1996)
  • Life's Too Long (June 1996)
  • I'm New (September 1996)

On Fruition (Island Records)

  • The SAS And The Glam That Goes With It (October 1997)
  • Come Taste My Mind (January 1998)
  • Universal Plan (April 1998)
  • Larky/Teenage Opera (May 1999)

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