EXKi is a Belgian fast food, high-quality restaurant with the motto "natural, fresh and ready". EXKi is famous because of the fact that it only uses organic food and won't use any butter or mayonnaise on their sandwiches (instead, they use tapenades made of vegetables). Meals are always made on the same day that they are sold (and vary from simple sandwiches to full meals). Because of all this, you get really healthy, yet tasty food. Their logo is a bright orange carrot.

Because of their fresh and ready policy, the meals they offer change almost daily, accordingly to the available ingredients. Because of that reason there are no exact prices available, but for a full meal (drinks + meal + desert) you will pay something around 6 Euro

EXKi restaurant locations:

  • EXKi Rue Neuve
    Rue Neuve 78, Brussels, Belgium
  • EXKi Porte de Namur
    Ché d'Ixelles 12, Brussels, Belgium
  • EXKi Rue des Tongres
    Rue des Tongres 15-17, Brussels, Belgium
  • EXKi Keyserlei
    De Keyserlei 20, Antwerp, Belgium
  • EXKi Torino (soon)
    Torino, Italy

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