18 September 2011: Name changed to avoid confusion with the usergroup E2Craft - WOOOOOPS. Sorry folks.

So much of modern life, it seems, is predicated on one's membership in certain groups. This is, perhaps, an extension of the tribal nature that has driven so much of the development of human history.

But, this is not about anthropological exposition - it's about Minecraft.

Are you a noder? Do you play Minecraft? If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, you are invited to play E2Craft, a dedicated Minecraft Survival Multiplayer server. There is a usergroup, appropriately named E2AntiCreepers, which you can join to get the server IP and ask for your Minecraft username to be added to the server whitelist.

There will likely be contests, hidden treasures, etcetera announced via the usergroup as well, so it's probably worth your time.

Some of you probably remember the previous, failed incarnation of E2 Minecraft, the one with the really crappy hosting and downtime and lag. Yep. Not anymore. We have a dedicated machine and IP, and hosting on Tier 1 backbones.

Current stats:

  • Slots: 8 concurrent, with option to upgrade instantly
  • Version: 1.0/1.9
  • Mods: None!
  • Difficulty: Normal

The general, and only, rule is: "Don't be a dick." Now, because simple rules often invite willful ignorance, that means, for example: no player killing (unless you want to duel), don't rip up people's buildings, don't flood stuff for no good reason, don't light forest fires. Don't jack up the spawn area.

You know. Common courtesy stuff. If you feel like you want to wreck things for cheap laughs, or to stroke your ego, well, go find some public servers to grief.

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