This is the name of the project I am working on in OAC computers. It is a program to allow teachers that have access to the computer lab to run test with multiple choice and short answers question over the network. I am writing it mainly in VB (yak, I know, but I already know it well.)

(For anyone that is interested about the name. I was going to call it Test-E but my computer teacher didn't think it would be appropriate. This is one of the few times my aixelsyd has helped me.)


  1. Instant marking of Multiple choice question (I was going to put in the ability to mark short answer question by key word. But I don't real think that is fair to the students)
  2. Question can contain pictures
  3. Stops students from switching programs during a test (ie disable Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Esc, etc)
  4. Spell checker is available for Short answer questions
  5. Test can be give time limits which is counted down on the students computer
  6. The teacher can exempt some students from curtain criteria (ie longer time, allow uses of spell check)
  7. Instant statistics on the test (ie average marks, the percent that got certain questions right)
  8. The questions are in a randomized order for each student

Computer Requirements:

I should mention that this is still mostly vaporware and I will later come back and mark off the features that actually get implemented.

January 24, 2001:

I believe today is the day. I have finished the initial beta release of E-Test. This includes a rudimentary help file, some development docs and all three parts of the project (Test Maker, Student side, and Teacher side). Everything should be working except for the Instant results. And not a moment to soon, the project is due tomorrow.

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