We have this system at school (University of Nebraska ,aka UNO) called E-BRUNO. It is a service to register for classes, get grades, etc. It is a big improvement over standing in line to register for classes. Here is some facts about E-BRUNO.

What is E-BRUNO?


BRUNO (Better Registration at UNO) is UNO's touch-tone telephone registration system. E-BRUNO is an enhancement to BRUNO, and is UNO's web-based enrollment services system. With E-BRUNO, students can use their student ID# and PIN to log in and obtain grades, current class schedules, register for classes, pay tuition via credit card, etc. E-BRUNO provides student access to the UNO Student Information System (SIS) via the world wide web.

What services are offered?

The E-BRUNO system provides the following student services via the world wide web:

  • Student grades
  • Student class schedule
  • Web registration
  • Scan for available courses/electronic shopping cart
  • View tuition/fees billing statement
  • Pay tuition via credit card
  • Order official transcripts
  • View unofficial transcript from SIS
  • View and/or change address
  • Change PIN

More services are under development, and will be added to E-BRUNO as they are completed.

What is the availability of service?

E-BRUNO hours of operation are the same as BRUNO (touch-tone):

  • Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Saturday 7:00 am to midnight
  • Sunday 2:00 pm to midnight

E-BRUNO requires the Student Information System to be online and available in order to process student information queries. The UNO SIS system is taken down nightly to run batch production jobs (bulk grade posting via scanners, financial aid awarding, EFT and accounting feeds, etc). During this time, E-BRUNO is not available.

What does E-BRUNO run on?

E-BRUNO runs on a Gateway P6-400 Pentium II PC maintained by UNOmaha Student Enrollment Services technical staff. It is running SCO Unix (educational license program), and uses CLEO 3270 software to interface with the IBM mainframe in Lincoln, Ne., where the SIS system runs. The web server is Netscape's Fasttrack web server, and the application code is written in the "C" programming language using IBM's HLLAPI ("screen-scraping") interface to communicate with SIS.

E-BRUNO also runs additional services on a Gateway P6-400 Pentium II PC maintained by UNOmaha Student Enrollment Services technical staff. It is running Microsoft's NT 4.0, Sequel Server 6.5, and is using ODBC (DB2 Connect) to query the SIS data tables directly. Web interactions are delivered using Active Server Pages under the IIS 4.0 web server.

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