From: The Thorough Good Cook

Sauces: 22. Dutch

A little scraped horseradish, a button onion sliced, a little parsley or sliced parsley-root, a few peppercorns, and half a bay-leaf. Stew these at the side of the fire, to get out the flavour, in tarragon, elder, or plain vinegar, to your taste, three dessertspoonfuls of either, with as much consommé. When this is done, pour the liquor into a basin on the yolks of four or five eggs, stirring all the time; return them to the stew-pan, which put on the fire; keep the sauce stirring with a whisk, it must not boil. When as thick as double cream take it off, strain it through a tammy, and work a little piece of fresh butter into it; add a little lemon juice and salt. This sauce is for immediate use.

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