Faction Profile for the Avalon Hill Dune board game.

The Guild:
As The Guild you play the Navigator Edric. Your heroes are Staban Tuek, Esmar Tuek, Master Bewt, Soo Soo Sook and a random Guild Representative.

The Guild start with a decent sum of money, a few troops already on Dune, and Tuek's Sietch.

The Guild control all shipment onto and off Dune, and have the following advantages:

  • Whenever any player transports troops onto Dune, they must pay you the transport fee.
  • You pay only half transport fees for your own troops.
  • Special transports:
    • You may transport troops from off-planet as normal.
    • You may transport on-planet troops back off-planet to your reserves.
    • You may your on-planet troops from any location on the surface to any other - allowing you to make surprise attacks.
  • You are not required to take your turn in the reqular game order, but may rather take your turn whenever you wish - before everyone, or after everyone else.
  • The Guild have a special victory option. If no one else wins by the end of the game (15 turns), the Guild automatically win.

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