For a lack of a better word or term, "dropping" will be used to describe one of the stupidest and dangerous action someone can take to harm or even kill someone.

This action basically involves dropping objects from overpasses onto motorists as they drive by innocently underneath the perpetrator. Most often the objects are actually timed to hit the cars as they drive by. The object can be anything from eggs to rocks. There have been numerous cases where motorists have been hospitalized, paralyzed, blinded and even killed because of a dropped rock. In some cases the driver is killed by the impact of the rock itself.

The act is so simple, yet has deadly results. Why are some people so stupid and heartless? How can they not understand the results of what they do?

One of the stranger versions of this phenomemon involves actually shooting at motorists as they drive by.

factgirl contributed to this node by digging up a reference to a regional Florida slang called "dropping".

Drop"ping (?), n.


The action of causing to drop or of letting drop; falling.

2. pl.

That which falls in drops; the excrement or dung of animals.

Dropping bottle, an instrument used to supply small quantities of a fluid to a test tube or other vessel. -- Dropping fire, a continued irregular discharge of firearms. -- Dropping tube, a tube for ejecting any liquid in drops.


© Webster 1913.

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