Damn fine piece of software from Power Quest Software -- the same people that brought you the incredible PartitionMagic. Drive Image Pro makes a complete image of your hard drive and transfers it somewhere else. Alas it is for Window$ only.

I use it when we get a new machine in. It goes like this...

First take a say 30GB hard drive and about 8GB out as a second partition. Then install an OS. Image it to 8GB partition. Now reformat your primary partition and install another OS. Image it to the 8GB partition. Once all OSes that will be needed for that machine have been installed and imaged, send machine into production. After a week (about how long it takes a developer to break a machine), copy OS image back over the primary partition -- thus deleting any locally saved data. Remind developer that anything he didn't want lost should be saved to the network when shem complains about lost data.

Saves me a lot of time. Without this product my life would be lived to reinstall Windows on hosed 9x and NT machines.

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