It happened again.

Another Thanksgiving of joy, happiness, and all that shit. This year I spent it at pink princess's house. After all was said and done, I went to bed on my cot. It was then that I had a deja vu dream.

Enter dream sequence: I'm standing talking to one of my co-workers. It seems as if I'm a teacher. I feel that I'm like Matthew Broderick from Election. Although I'm chatting with one of my co-workers, I can see us from afar, like 3rd person. I see a man walking down the stairs in a black trench coat. I'm standing at the top of the stairs. Then I realize who he was. It's Him. He has long blond hair, a large nose, a long forehead, and a flattish face. This was the man who has been blowing up buildings by putting bombs in the elevators of large buildings. The police have been after him for a month, but he'll only talk to me. I haven't been talking to the police. He told me in a phone call in a previous dream that he would increase his tempo of blowing up buildings if I went to the police. It's a sick game. In the dream, I don't understand how I can end the game. My only hope is to spot him and get as many people out of the building before it blows. I grab my co-worker and began to run with him. As we're running I hear a loud exploding noise behind me. We jump. We're outside, we're ok. Everyone else? Gone.

Now I'm in my futuristic house, living with my futuristic wife, pink princess. We're talking as usual, in the kitchen. I'm watching our conversation again, in 3rd person. Of course, I can't understand anything that we're talking about. I see our mouths moving and hear words, but none of it makes any sense. We both hear ticking. I look through the window in our kitchen to our living room at our Howard Miller clock. As we are gazing at the clock, we realize that the ticking is too loud and it can't be coming from the clock. I do a double take. As I realize that it's a bomb, I grab my wife and start running. I hear the loud explosion, grab pink princess, and dive. As we land outside I cover pink princess so that the debris doesn't touch her. I know exactly who did it, but the game continues. I still don't have any idea how to end the game. That's when I wake up. I take a large swallow and look around at my surroundings. I'm alone. No one to share my nightmares with. Only a computer.

That's when I think: Will I have the dream again?

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