I dreamt that somehow I'd agreed to get a piercing. Apparently I'd also said that I didn't care where or what.

Underground. Brownish style of architecture (60s or something). Glowing warm, sombre... I seem to be sedated. I'm not at all aware of what's going on around; of what they're doing. Two friends(?) accompany me. I'm being seated on a large comfortable leather chair. There is a mirror in front of me. The atmosphere is a bit of a mixture of dentist, hairdresser and bar.

I don't realise what the "piercer" is actually doing until s/he is almost done. The scraping hadn't hurt so far. And s/he'd been doing it rhythmically, soothingly even. S/he'd been scraping loose about one inch of my skin on the back of my right hand. I don't know how this worked (I doubt that this is done even) but somehow s/he'd loosened up a flap of skin from both sides, so it was a bit like a rooster's head-dress; attached to my hand still, yet sticking up and accessible from two sides.

Only now I notice what s/he'd been doing. The next step will be to cut through the bit that attaches the flap to the length of my hand, so it'll be only attached by two small side-flaps; and then some kind of (fancy) jewellery would be introduced.

I wake up. I say "NO!". I insist on them not cutting through the remaining 0.5mm which still attach the flap to my hand. It's not too late yet! I don't say "no" because I fear the pain. I say "no" because I don't want them to cut through.

I try to get up and leave. Now my two accompanying friends(?) restrain me from leaving, insisting that I'm "delirious" and "unable to judge". The piercer offers to go and fetch the beautiful piece of jewellery s/he'll set in the cut. I insist on NO.

S/he cuts.

So far there had been no blood. Now there is.

No jewellery is set. S/he offers to go and get it.

S/he cut slowly, deliberately - as s/he had done the scraping before.


I'm in a shower, washing off the blood. The wound doesn't hurt. It never hurt. Water washes it clean... I stop showering.

--close-up; like in a movie--

It immediately fills up with blood again. A lot. It's all red.

Before, colours didn't seem so important, now it's so red... like a wound, like the wound it is...

--very close-up--

I don't remember if I woke up after that or what happened next. For some reasons this dream really disturbed me and has been on my mind ever since. Maybe writing it down here makes it lose its power...

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