This part of the dream starts with a high overview of what looks like an old-style hex-based wargame. Allied pieces are arrayed all around two edges of a cityscape map, but no hostile units are in evidence.

The array of allied units, though, is staggering, with a heavy weighting of artillery and ground-to-air missile units. There are a few hasty "friendly fire" incidents brougt on by units too nervous and unclear on the objectives of the scenario to hold fire (which is really just about everyone, to be truthful -- only immediate feedback prevents everybody going trigger happy -- that and the fact that at first this appears to be a game overseen by the dreamer).

The enemy becomes evident (or at least suspected) at about the same time as the perspective shifts from a wargame overview to a first-person perspective. A massive conventional jet aircraft -- possibly a C-5 Galaxy -- banks for a landing to our right. Somehow, we know that there are aliens controlling the aircraft. Perhaps they have not filed a flight plan, or are resisting response to requests from the ground. In retrospect, it's puzzling that there are no allied aircraft also trying to interfere with the craft's intended landing. Going back to a map view we realize that any enemy on the ground must be on an entirely separate map than the one we've been positioned on.

Several attempts to fire on the aircraft are thwarted by nerves and equipment failures. An RPG cannot be found, and somebody attempts to set up a LAW for what would be a very improbable shot under the best conditions, but cannot even manage to get the cotter pins out that secure the protective caps on either end of the weapon.

Somehow, looking through a window, an alien child is seen playing with human children and a teacher on a playground. Someone tries to shoot the alien with a strange blowgun that looks more like an ocarina than anything effective as a weapon. After a wide miss, the teacher comes up and has the "fire team" offer the alien child some sort of tea. Apologies are made.

Everyone, including command, begin to think perhaps the fears were overdone.


Alien adults meeting with a group of human leaders and military. They seem to be okay, further allaying our fears.


A female alien, desperate to get to a hidden room where their symbiotes have been stored to enable the fears of humans to be placated. The aliens are something like Stargate SG-1's Goa'uld, except that free-will of the hosts is suppressed -- or is just perfectly in synch with the agenda of the symbiotes -- only difference being that when implanted, the host-symbiote pairs are unable to conceal their malevolent natures.

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