All these dreams of watching my dreams on television make me think I should really get up and do something. But then again, it's a dream. I should relax. The other night I watched a friend's film on television in my dream. The film had a recurring visual motif of a horse falling from the top of a tree, down, branch by branch. This happened twice as the main character struggled to sleep. Then he opened his eyes, put his feet on the carpet and walked outside. The lighting outside was bright and angelic. Everything looked bleached. The main character walked a few paces then came to a stop, his body side-on and the centre of the frame. There was no sound anymore. He looked up and the camera cut to a shot of the horse falling from the tree. Then the screen went black.

After this I explained my interpretation of the film to nobody in my dream. I said that the main character was an insomniac and the horse wasn't real; he dreamt it. When he thought he was awake he wasn't, and vice versa. I said that the horse symbolised his anxieties over losing control within this cyclical framework of dream life/waking life. Thud, thud, thud down each tree rung.

These dreams are lonely. I am passive, distant, analytical and I talk to nobody. These dreams communicate to me a similar sensation of being in an environment that forces introversion upon you; waiting for a bus, for example, or cleaning up your room, or sitting in the doctor's waiting room.

I really think that most of the time, the dreamer understands what their dreams mean. Especially when you awake with the satisfied feeling that, however horrendous or pointless your dream was, something was unpicked and filed correctly.

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