I was in a mall..or some public place. I was with Jim. We noticed police and ambulance workers gathered near an entrance and as that was the way we were headed, we continued that direction. I walked around a partition and almost walked on several of the paramedics knelt beside an extremely large, bloody and obviously dead man (he was also nude). Then I noticed blood all over the walls, the floor and began to notice that other bloody people were lying unmoving on the floor along the walkway I'd just come along. I hurried out the door and saw two paramedics outside, obviously shocked and comforting each other. For some reason I couldn't leave the area, and had to remain there while the stretchers containing the bodies began to be brought out. One was a small figure, which I knew was a woman with a small bundle on her chest. I realized that it was a child laying on her. They were covered with light, semi-sheer muslin that I could see through. The child started moving and soon the woman was having a terrible time keeping the child calm, although both were still covered with cloth.

Now I'm lost in the city street surrounding the mall (which has since become a hospital). Jim is at a plaza on the same street that I'm on, but for some reason I can't walk there. Nancy, a friend from high school is with me, and trolleys began coming, apparently an event that occurs in this city every night at quitting time (5:00). We board a trolley that's on a track that looks as if it will turn in front of us and go directly to the plaza, but instead it continues out away from the plaza..towards the city and a large river. The trolley starts going incredibly fast, and becomes a sort of carnival ride, with sharp turns, flashing lights, dark tunnels, and hidden doors. It's very very fast and exciting and fascinatingly beautiful at times. Eventually the trolley turns around and begans to return to the plaza, at least so I believe. Instead, however, it returns to the trolley barn. The barn is a huge warehouse with black machinery all over, very oily looking and mechanical. I begin trying to find my way out of the barn, and get lost in the walkways and storage areas. Then I wake up cuz my dog let a horrendous dog fart (not a dream unfortunately)

Meaning to me? Well..I'm going through a separation from my husband..so some of it is pretty obvious..at least to me. I hate the public aspect of a separation. I hate dealing with people I hardly know expressing regret. The body is my marriage and it isn't pretty at this point. There are other casualties, most obviously the kids, but the woman and child on the stretcher shows me that I do believe that the kids will recover. The blood is all the emotions that I'd rather not feel, rather not see, but they're there and need to be dealt with.

Jim in the Plaza stands for my ideal of a perfect life/perfect marriage and I'm a bit afraid that I'm in for quite a ride while attempting to get there. Surprises, unexpected turns and moments of discovery are in my path, but still I'm a bit afraid of what I'll find at the end. I'm afraid I'll find bleak, dark functionality rather than the bright future that I'm looking for.

It's pretty obvious to me that this dream is about my emotions and fears...and the dog fart speaks for itself. It's reality. LOL...reality is a dog fart in the middle of a nightmare.

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