Long distance relationships suck.

Even when I dream about him we're on the phone, talking about how much we miss each other, in all the ways you can miss someone .

The rings we bought on saturday dont help either. I dream about looking at mine, feeling to make sure it's still there, he still exists, but it never works.

I dream about him dying, cheating on him because i've forgotten that I'm with him, agonizing over how to tell him.

Last night I dreamed that we were at a party together, and some random girl came up to us and started kissing me. He just stood there in the background saying nothing. I didn't know the girl and thought for sure he'd say something about someone else's tongue being in my mouth.

The dream shifted and I was unpacking boxes out of a truck in front of a dorm or appartment. Everything was bright and colorful (not common in my dreams) and plastic looking, like the video for that Aqua song "Barbie Girl". A car pulled up and I ran up to meet the person who emerged. I thought it was my boyfriend, and as I kissed him hello he pushed me against the car and soon we were sitting on the trunk of the car. The car started to move and I realized that it was not, in fact, my boyfriend on top of me, but some Keith Richards look-alike. I realized that I would have to explain this to my boyfriend, that I had been lying to him and all the issues I've had being in my first serious relationship. I think too much when I sleep.

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