I have really been disturbed enough by a dream lately to actually want to tell the person I dreamed about but I did. I'm not sure if it means something but it's weird.

The dreams begins at mid-day my boyfriend I had gotten an apartment together that oddly looks like one of those motels that has a sliding door into a court yard. The courtyard is large with green shrubs everywhere, pillars etc a great place for a game of hide-and-seek. We headed out that morning with large sword/knive/hiking staff looking things and decided to practice fighting with them - eventually two of our neighboors, who is my best friend and her new beau and they ask if we want to go somewhere, and we agree.

We got back and it was dark. We started chasing one another around the courtyard and it was me and Marie against our boyfriends - but this time is was vicious it was hide-and-seek but Marie and I had pistols that we were shooting at the guys. But the guns were kinda pointless cause we weren't shooting at them to mame them it was kinda like we wanted to just tap them with it to have fun. This went on for a while in the dream running back and forth whooping, hollering and so forth.

I ended up getting something in my eye so called times and headed to the apartment to wash it out. The game kinda ended till I got back but Norbi followed me over to make sure I was ok cause he wasn't clear why I was covering my eye and walking away from everyone.

We got to the door and right infront of our sliding door was our large kinda ninja like toys, that we had been playing with earlier, on the mini patio infront of the door. I just noticed those first and then looked up and noticed the glass door was busted out. I screamed and Norbi who wasn't far behind ran towards me we were both flabbergasted and stepped in.

The apartment was ransacked very badly everything flipped upside down and what not. I noticed the playstation 2 was gone so was the games and DVDs. Everything was flipped around and I immediately called the cops. We stepped out the apartment to not contaminate the crimescene anymore.

Cops arrive and immediately begin to question why were we playing with guns - we had no answer, who's footprints were in the apartment - it was difficult convincing them they were ours. Neighboors began to gather and than Norbi and I just evaluating what we figured was probally missing and then realized the ferrets were in the second bedroom. I immediately asked the cops to look and make sure if they were there and ok. The chief returned to ask asking for descriptions and we knew that they were missing, but the was carved into the wall above where the cage used to be, 'these are ransom if they figure out who we are.'

Then the alarm went off...

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