I was riding on a bus, much like one would expect a tour bus to be, with maroon interior, large windows, and many people. I had an aisle seat. We were driving on a highway toward a large city. It was a sunny summer day. There was a lake to the left.

"What the hell is that?" I sensed from a person nearby, as nobody in my dreams really talk. All eyes shifted to the left where we saw, in black water, something reptilian. Its long, dark, slender neck poked out of the water, followed briefly by fins and its back as it dove into the depths. Unfortunately, the driver was also distracted by this. He warned us as he struck what may have been a ramp and sent us careening through the air. I held onto the handle in front of me with white knuckles, but for some reason, the driver told me that I should let go. We landed without incident and went on our way.

Hours later, nearing dusk, we stopped for a break near the lake's shore. There were many people already there, mostly truckers gathering for a barbecue. I peeked around and being not very hungry, I headed for the bathrooms. I then heard behind me, a woman was making a fuss about the bathrooms being off limits.

"I've really gotta pee," she said to herself, and marched off. I followed her. She went behind the main building to where the toilets were. Right before she entered the bathroom, I saw it emerge from the dark water. It was the sea monster from earlier! It flippered itself with frightening swiftness to the woman and dragged her up into the woods near the road. I was terrified, I had to get out of there. I ran up to where the bus was, but it wasn't there. I looked for the truckers, but they weren't there, either. I was alone. I ran down the now deserted country road. There were wet flipper marks that spanned the width of the road. I ran. In the woods to the left there was a red blinking light that I knew were the remains of the woman. I ran. I could not run fast enough. I looked down to my feet. I discovered that I was CRAWLING! My hands looked like tiny baby's hands. I crawled. The dark shape loomed behind me...

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