Dramatists are a species of role-player and gamer. Their philosophy says that the important part of the design and enjoyment of role playing games is as drama. They tend to play games with few rules, which are ignored to create a better story. White Wolf, in particular, caters to this market -- or at least to the people who want to be this market. FUDGE, Amber Diceless, Everway, and the new (at the time of this writeup) Dying Earth games come closer.

Traits peculiar to Dramatist games are fair escape rules, an emphasis on role-playing over live action or gaming, very simple mechanics (usually RPS), and an opportunity for death-speeches when a character is removed from the game.

Dramatists tend to look on Gamists as rules-lawyering munchkins over-concerned with game balance, winning, and losing. Simulationists tend to get a reputation as people who can't act, but are great for background and historical information.

Dram"a*tist (?), n. [Cf. F. dramatiste.]

The author of a dramatic composition; a writer of plays.


© Webster 1913.

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