This is a key to the symbols that appear on the map in Downtown Baltimore.

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One-way Streets:

Downtown Baltimore has many one-way streets; Sometimes two destinations in the same block require vastly different routes to access them.

So, please understand which direction they go in order to plan your route.

^ - one-way northbound
v - one-way southbound
< - one-way westbound
> - one-way eastbound


 83 - Interstate 83
 40 - US Highway 40
  1 - US Highway 1
295 - Maryland 295
395 - Insterstate 395
 2 - Maryland 2


A network of buses serves downtown quite thoroughly. In addition, you will find the following rail stations:

LR - Light Rail Station
M - Metro Station
PEN - Penn Station (AMTRAK, MARC, Light Rail)
CAM - Camden Station (MARC, Light Rail)


Tiny abbreviations for street names appear in ITALICS. I have left out many side streets and alleys to keep the map from getting too cluttered.

AA -  Aliceanna Street     LB -  Liberty Street
BAL - Baltimore Street     LC -  Lancaster Street
BAR - Barclay Street       LF -  Lafayette Avenue
BI -  Biddle Street        LN -  Lanvale Street
CAL - Calvert Street       LO -  Lombard Street
CAT - Cathedral Street     LX -  Lexington Street (Mall)
CEN - Centre Street        LT -  Light Street
CHR - Charles Street       MAD - Madison Street (Avenue)
CHS - Chase Street         MCC - Mc Culloh Street  
CW  - Conway Street        MD -  Maryland Avenue
DH  - Druid Hill Avenue    MLK - Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
DOL - Dolphin Street       MON - Monument Street
EAG - Eager Street         MP  - Market Place
EAS - Eastern Avenue       MR  - Mount Royal Avenue
EN -  Ensor Street         MU  - Mulberry Street
EU -  Eutaw Street (Place) NOR - North Avenue
FA -  Fayette Street       OR -  Orleans Street
FLT - Fleet Street         PKA - Park Avenue
FLR - Falls Road           PAC - Paca Street
FO -  Forrest Street       PN -  Pennsylvania Avenue
FR  - Franklin Street      PRS - Preston Street
FW  - Fallsway             PRT - Pratt Street
GA  - Gay Street           RE -  Read Street
GM  - Greenmount Avenue    RU -  Russell Street
GR  - Greene Street        RW -  Redwood Street
GU  - Guilford Avenue      SA -  Saratoga Street
HA  - Harford Avenue       SH -  Sharp Street
HI  - Hillen Street        SO -  South Street
HOL - Holliday Street      SP -  Saint Paul Street
HOP - Hopkins Place        SPP - Saint Paul Place
HOW - Howard Street        WB  - Washington Boulevard
KEY - Key Highway          WT  - Water Street

Landmarks :

These appear underlined, but be careful, sometimes I will underline a steet name to make the street appear continuous.

B&O  - B & O Railroad Museum
BAS  - Basilica of the Assumption
BA   - Baltimore Arena
BM   - The Battle Monument
BRB  - Babe Ruth Birthplace
C    - USF Constellation
CC   - Baltimore Convention Center
CH   - City Hall
CHC  - Charles Center
CW   - Civil War Museum, formerly President Street Station
EPF  - Enoch Pratt Free Library
FELLS POINT  (off map)
FHP  - Federal Hill Park
GMC  - Greenmount Cemetery
JHH  - Johns Hopkins Hospital (off map)
JHU  - Johns Hopkins University (off map)
LSP  - Harborplace Light Street Pavilion
LXM -  Lexington Market
MICA - Maryland Institute College of Art
MHS  - Maryland Historical Society
MSC  - Maryland Science Center
MSP  - Maryland State Penitentiary
NA   - National Aquarium
OPCY - Oriole Park at Camden Yards
PBC  - Peabody Conservatory
PO   - Central Post Office
POE  - Edgar Allan Poe Gravesite
PP   - Power Plant
M&T Bank Stadium
PSP  - Harborplace Pratt Street Pavilion
SOC  - State Office Complex
SMS  - Sant Mary's Seminary
ST   - Shot Tower
UB   - University of Baltimore
UM   - University of Maryland Medical Center
W    - Washington Monument
WAG  - Walters Art Gallery
WM   - War Memorial
W    - World Trade Center

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