Down to Earth is also Ozzy Osbourne's new album that hits stores Oct. 16, 2001. As OZZY enters his fourth decade as one of the major rock musicians of our time, he releases his first solo album in six years, DOWN TO EARTH, in stores on October 16th. Produced by Tim Palmer DOWN TO EARTH features Zakk Wylde on guitar, Robert Trujillo on bass, and Mike Bordin on drums. The album is bursting with OZZY’s signature brand of hard-hitting rock laced with driving melodies and crunching guitars. There’s no rest for the wicked as the listener is faced with 11 powerful tracks leading off with the first single, "Gets Me Through", a song Ozzy wrote as an open letter to his fans. "Dreamer", "Junkie" and "Running Out of Time" are just a few of the standout tracks on DOWN TO EARTH.

Complete Track Listing

1. Gets Me Through
2. Facing Hell
3. Dreamer
4. No Easy Way Out
5. That I Never Had
6. You Know...(Part 1)
7. Junkie
8. Running Out of Time
9. Black Illusion
10. Alive
11. Can You Hear Them?

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