Regret at how I'd treated you,
suspected you,
berated you,
as you deflected my accusations and turned the mirror back at me

So let's start anew,
try to mend the road we've already trod,
and be on good terms from now on

But were you gaslighting me?
But was I right all along?
Who should I trust, me or you?

This is probably the very last thing I'd want to do in a competition, like a quiz bee. It distracts your mind from the most important thing: the correct answer. It is okay to check, but to doubt your guts is another story. Add the time limit, and surely you will lose a point or two or three.

This is what I did while in the elimination phase of my school's science quiz bee. I doubted my guts. I was at first "hey option A seems to be the correct answer" but then after that it became "wait but B is not yet being a correct one, and there were already a lot of correct As before, we should go for B". So I went for B, and guess what? The correct answer is A. My frustration is immeasurable.

So moral of the story? Trust yourself. Trust your guts. Especially if there's a very small time limit to write your answer. Quiz bees, contests, or any competition don't just look for the smartest. They look for the best diskarte.

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