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Type: HBV-10-B (Heavy Battle Virtuaroid)
Height: 13.4m
Weight: 9.25t
Max. Gross Weight: 25.9t
Max. Power Output: 7840kw

Left Trigger - Phalanx
Throws a tracking spiked ball. Depending on how charged up the weapon is, it can travel at a snail's pace or very quickly. It homes very quickly, and does a fair amount of damage. It can be blocked by a bomb, believe it or not.

Right Trigger - Fireball
Fires a series of heavy fireballs. They do more damage than the usual ranged weapon, but are slower. They can be at an angle or a single stream.

Both Triggers - Napalm
Launches a bunch of mortar-like rounds that do a lot of damage. You are vulnerable when you launch these. They land in spaced out distances toward the opponent. If he jumps, they will miss. This is best used to force a dash and use the phalanx, but I'm not good with this VR so I don't know.

This is a large, slow, but powerful mech. It is very difficult to knock down, and soaks up plenty of damage before dying. It's aerial capabilities and close combat capabilities are minimal however. It is mostly a ranged weapon merc, and does it quick well with its arsenal of long range weapons. Since it is tougher than most mercs, it can go for attrition attacks and win. Just don't expect to win any swordfights with this guy. Make good use of obstacles. For better advice, look on the internet.

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