Like many of Roger Zelazny's other stories, the book Doorways in the Sand begins with a puzzling mystery and reads with a good seasoning of film noir detective style. And again, like many of his other stories, it's an enchanting read, upbeat, off-key, and with extreme wit at every turn.

The protagonist is a University undergraduate who's made it his goal to postpone graduation as long as he can, and, oh yeah, he's an acrophiliac, too. (He likes to climb things). When he becomes unwittingly linked to the disappearance of the Star Stone, a priceless alien artifact given to the people of Earth as part of an interstellar exchange program, his peaceful, campus life becomes a scrambling dash for answers and self-preservation.

Doorways in the Sand is one of the most clever, poetic, and fun SF novels I have ever had the privilege of reading.


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