Unfinished as of Zelazny's death in 1995, published in 1997 as completed by Jane Lindskold.
In light of Zelazny's previous similar work (Lord of Light, Jack of Shadows, Creatures of Light and Darkness), Donnerjack is something of a disappointment. Whereas his subtle humor uplifts the latter works, in Donnerjack, it just rings hollow (the sapient magical steam engine, named The Brass Baboon, comes specifically to mind). As in the second Chronicles of Amber series, the plot threads become so densely interwoven that it takes some indelicate literary snipping and patching to smooth it all out by the end. Worth reading if you're a Zelazny or cyberpunk fan, but definitely not his greatest work. I like to think that Lindskold is responsible for the ending, as it seems decidedly non-Zelaznian.

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