When Susie was three years old, her parents told her they would have a baby brother for her. Susie asked,"Why?". Her parents told her the usual: She'd have a new friend, someone she could be with, and she could help take care of her baby brother.

Sue wasn't much interested in the baby at first, but a little later she and Jamie were having lots of fun together and became close siblings.

A few years after that, something happened on a Halloween evening, when Susie was seven, and Jamie was five. Jamie asked, "What's Halloween about?" Susie said, "It's about ghosts and goblins and candy!"

Jamie asked "What's a ghost?". Susie said, "Daddy said there might be ghosts in the attic". A little later, they climbed up into the attic and poked around in the dust. Susie noticed the trap door going out to the roof and said, "Let's go look at the stars!", so they climbed out onto the roof.

Jamie fell off the roof that evening.

Susie heard his scream, went back through the attic, ran down the stairs, and outside. She found Jamie had fallen onto the iron fence. A fence spike was poking out from his chest.

Jamie's last words were, "Don't tell mommy".

Sue had dreams and nightmares about Jamie for months. Her father tried to help her get over it. Jim told her, "Sometimes it's best to not remember, if it hurts too much."

Sue got over this, over time, except for every Halloween, when she saw Jamie, every year, and cried, and cried.

Many years later, Sue met another man named Jim, and they married. Jim noticed Sue always cried on Halloween, and asked her why. Sue said, "I don't think I can tell you, but I'll be okay tomorrow."

Every Halloween, Sue still sees Jamie.

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