You don't have to go, in the sense you take forever

For if by my hands my love should perish

My own existence, such won't hesitate henceforth to sever

A solitary wish held true to only one... my dear: the coquette and fairest

To take you in, inside my soul

In arcing thrusts and graceful caress

Deliver you a voice untold

Just to be here face to face and rest

Oh how you burn jade cauterize, I long in inhuman twists

Burning and restless nights I suffocate with naught

Such a battle I never would imagine to have fought

But my heart and soul, it lies with the ghost of you

Thy heavenly body, recursively taut

Belabored search by mountain, valley and stream

Touch the sun with me, sister of my life-line dreams

Just gaze into my lonely eyes

For there you may find your own intertwined soul

Never will I bury the lies, as forever I worship thy means

Imperative to which I offer myself, to fill this aching hole

Remember, nothing is what it seems

In my arms you will always fall, my Goddess

And turn thy wicked into good

For if untruths be told from my solemn word

The weight of the world, squarely balanced on my shoulders, there's no doubt it surely would




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