Times are tough, right? The whole family has had to make sacrifices to help make ends meet.
But what about the family dog? What's Fido done recently to contribute?
Make that puppy earn his keep...

Looking back, it was inevitable wasn't it? A Dutch company has chosen Britain, a nation of animal lovers, (no, not like that), to launch a new concept in advertising - the dogvert.

Specifically, a company called "Dogvertise" is now advertising for canine candidiates to act as "mobile billboards". Successful applicants get their own stylish dog coat, complete with adverts printed on the side. They also get walked, twice a day for the duration of the campaign, by a professional dog walker.

"What's in it for the dog?" Well, the dog walker is going to make sure that his "dogvert" gets plenty of exercise, (and exposure), as opposed to simply lolling around in the back garden in his new coat. Also, the dog gets to keep his coat once the campaign is over. Note: I'm not sure about that last point. I mean, if the dog keeps, and continues to wear, his coat, then surely the advertising campaign is still running?!

"Show me the money." Ahem. The truth is that neither the dog, nor the owner, actually get paid for their involvement. The dog gets guaranteed exercise at no cost to the owner while ensuring that his advertisement is seen all around town.

...and you thought "Dogvert" was a Dilbert character.

Reference: http://www.dogvertise.co.uk/

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