A pencil made by the same company as the Ticonderoga. Unlike the Ticonderoga, the Oriole is a work of design simplicity, with an attractive, albeit minimalist, decor.

Apart from the school of yellow pencils, this one is a more generic construction-vest-orange, perhaps indicating an intent for more industrial, and therefore productive, use. Its only other trim and lettering is done in a mettalic silver, perhaps signifying strength and dependability. It also seems to be more purpose-built for general writing and standardized testing than the Ticonderoga. This is evidenced by the fact that I have only seen the Oriole in 2HB, whereas I have seen the Ticonderoga in both the 2.5 and 3 hardness varieties.

In addition, the Dixon Oriole, I have found, tastes much better than the Ticonderoga when chewed upon.

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