|                                          |
 Substantive Law                            Procedural Law
 (Statute Law and                               (Rules)
  Case Law)
     |                                         |
 Public Law                           Private or Civil Law
     |                                         |
   .----------------------------.              |
   |            |               |              |
Criminal  Constitutional  Administrative       |
  Law          Law             Law             |
              |         |         |        |          |
            Family   Contract    Tort   Property    Labour
              Law      Law       Law      Law        Law


Substantive Law - consists of all laws that set out the rights and obligations of each person in a society.

Procedural Law - outlines the steps and procedures involved in protecting and enforcing the rights given under Substantive Law.

Public Law - regualtes relationships between the government and society.

Civil Law - Outlines the personal relationships between two private parties.

Criminal Law - a series of rules passed by the government which prohibit or prevent such actions as murder, sexual assult, break and enter, etc..

Constitutional Law - Laws that set out the structure of our federal government and outline the division of powers between federal and provincial government.

Administrative Law - governing relationships between citizens, the government, and public agencies.

Family Law - deals with the relationships between individuals living together.

Contract Law - deals with legally binding agreeements that impose rights and responsibilities upon others.

Tort Law - deals with wrongs committed against another which is not dealt with by Criminal Law.

Property Law - deals with issues between individuals over land/renting.

Labour Law - deals with all relationships between empolyers and employees.

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