I don't mean to use Disney as a deragatory term; I feel it best captures the spirit of the Olympic village and surrounding spectacles. The olympic village is fenced off but admirable from the outside, the radio tower stands above the rest of Barcelona and in a way crowns the city. The park is a splendid green with kept walkways and illuminated bus stops; the wide roads give the whole place a safe and open feeling. The crown jewel of Olympic Barcelona is the Mercury fountain. Composed of an unworldly number of lights and waterspouts, the shape and color-shifting cloud is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Close to the Olympic complex and in the same category is the Gaudi architecture. Serving as the originator of the modern term, Gaudi is the creator of the Parc de Gaulle, an organic-shaped place of relaxation and adoration as overhangs and beveled balconies are decorated with broken and glazed times, drenched in skillfully mismatched colors and motifs. Under the main platform is an overhang stabilized by around 100 columns, this plaza of shade is enjoyed by homeless, pedestrians and travelers alike. Right outside of the park lie the Barcelona Suburbs.

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