Superkingdom Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Superclass Hexapoda
Class Entognatha
Order Diplura

Common name: Diplurans, campodeans and japygids

Description: Small to medium (2-5mm, exceptionally to 50mm), wingless, eyeless, entognathous mouthparts, long antennae like a string of beads, thoracic segments like those of abdomen, legs five-segmented, abdomen has 10 segments, some with small protrusions, terminal cerci filiform to forceps-like; the immature insect resembles a small adult.

Fun facts: There are some 800 species in nine families. Some species are gregarious and females of certain species tend the eggs and the young. Some feed on live and decaying/decayed vegetation, and japygid diplurans are predators.

sourced, in part, by The Insects: An outline of entomology, second ed. Gullan, P.J. and P.S. Cranston. Blackwell Science, Great Britain, 2000.

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