Fictional land from the book The Fantastic Story Of Din Java by Astor Lendel

Din Java was an ancient civilization whose accomplishments still have yet to be surpassed.

It began with a tribe, the Naran tribe from the island-continent of Stokolm, which rose to dominance. The tribe excelled in agricultural technology, social organization, and scientific knowledge. Following the Twelve Tribes War, the Narans began dominating the politics of Stokolm.

Scholars label the start of the Din Java civilization when the Naran tribe finally agreed to allow non-Narans to hold offices in the government. The Javan Empire soon spread all over the planet, and a cultural and scientific flowering happened that lasted for close to a thousand years (an example of which is the Din Java Creation Story). The change occurred following the Space Scare, and the empire as well as the culture soon declined into oblivion.

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