Dickinson University, also called Dickinson College, is a liberal arts college in Carlisle, Pennsylvania - a town of roughly 20,000 that's about a one-hour drive from both Philadelphia and Reading. The major focus of the college is on the sciences, and the most common major is Computer Science. Dickinson was the first chartered college in the newly formed United States, with a charter date of 1783.

Dickinson's claim to fame is its foreign studies program - over 60% of the students spend at least one semester overseas, and over 45% spend at least one full year overseas. This is strongly encouraged but completely optional to participate in, and the college staff make a clear effort to accomodate your needs if you choose to partake in the foreign studies program.

Contrary to rumor, both on-campus and off, the college's namesake is not the poet Emily Dickinson, but rather John Dickinson, a revolutionary-era patriot and a signer of the Constitution of the United States of America.

It's a nice place - really, it is.

Vital Statistics (2002):
Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science
Student to Faculty Ratio: 12:1
Student Enrollment: 2,224
Average Class Size: 18
Campus Size: 115 Acres

Information gathered from www.dickinson.edu and campus lore - yes, I go there.

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