Dhan Gopal Mukerji was born in 1890, near Calcutta. For centuries, his family had been in charge of the ministry of a temple near Calcutta. He would later write his Newbery-winning children's book, um, Gay-Neck, about his experiences growing up in India. He is, so far, the only Indian to have won the Newbery.

Mukerji moved to America to study, and settled there, writing and lecturing. He is often referred to as the first Asian Indian writer "of significance" in the United States. He wrote nine books of animal stories for children. He also wrote several books on the politics and history of India, one titled, grimace, Caste and Outcast.

Mukerji died in 1936.


Caste and Outcast

Devotional Passages from the Hindu Bible

The Face of Silence

Gay-Neck: The Story of a Pigeon   (1928 Newbery Award)

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